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TikTok RSS Using GitHub Actions

Generate usable RSS feeds from TikTok using GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages.

NOTE March 2024: This seems to work again due to improvements in the original TikTok library. It requires an on-the-fly patch to that underlying TikTok library, which is hopefully only temporary

Setup for GitHub Actions

Running locally as an alternative

pip install virtualenv
python -m venv venv
source venv\bin\activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
export MS_TOKEN="blah"
source venv\bin\activate
python postprocessing.py
git commit -a -m "latest RSS"
git push origin main

Feed Reading


This uses an unoffical TikTokPy library to extract information about user videos from TikTok as JSON and generate RSS feeds for each user you are interested in.

Logo was created using the TikTok and RSS Font Awesome icons via CC BY 4.0 License

Copyright Conor O’Neill, 2021-2024 (conor@conoroneill.com)

License Apache 2.0